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Online Advertising Rates
​Online advertising rates apply to all sites associated with Harvest Media Corp. Limited space available for banner ads. 

Right Hand Column Rates:

                                                                     280 pixels x 120 pixels: a month - $200.00


                                                                    280 pixels x 200 pixels: a month - $350.00 

​Banner Sizes/Rates (Center of Page)

Leaderboard: 835 pixels x 110 pixels (full banner): a month - $800.00 / 2 weeks - $400.00 / a day - $50.00

Middle Page: 620 pixels x 94 pixels (full banner): a month - $300.00

Anchor: 468 pixels x 60 pixels (full banner): a month - $200.00 

Online Advertising Terms & Conditions:

Payment is required in advance for the first month. Subsequent billing is on a bimonthly basis. Credit references may be required. Payment is due 15 days after invoice. Ads may be pulled if account balances are not paid by the due date. As space is limited, banner ads are sold on a first come, first served basis. All advertising is accepted subject to the publisher's approval upon determination that the products or service advertised are in keeping with Harvest Media Corp.'s philosophy.  Harvest Media Corp. extends a 15% commission to recognized advertising agencies and a 20% commission to recognized ministries.

File Requirements:

jpg or png art files accepted
72 dpi resolution

Contact us for more information:

280 pixels x 120 pixels
280 pixels x 200 pixels
835 pixels x 110 pixels
620 pixels x 94 pixels 
468 pixels x 60 pixels 
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